My service starts with a free analysis of your current status online and a no obligation live one on one remote web meeting for you or your group  to investigate what your needs are and what solutions are available to you. Based on that conversation I can give you many ideas on how you can do it yourself or you can hire me to help you. If you want to find out more, listen to my video on this page to get an overview of who I am and how I work.  If you like what you hear then click a date to schedule a free remote consultation, send me a message if you have a question, or just give me a call!. (716) 790-8051
Custom Website Design: I create (or update a current website) design to your exact specifications and preferences. We analyze the goals and objectives of the website. We start the design process based on these objectives.
Design Development:  You give me your design consideration, copies of any current graphics/logos or previous websites.  I deliver several design samples for your review.  You give me feedback on those initial designs and I deliver a second round of samples for your review. Usually, by this time we have found a basic design that is to your satisfaction and approval. Once that is done, we determine the actual pages to create based on targeted keywords and silo navigation.  I create those pages and then we continue to add content to each page. The design is done once you say it is done and, not until it really works for you.
Design Development Tools: We participate in remote Web Meetings. That means we will talk on the phone while we both look at the same computer screen. You have lifetime access to an Online Project Management System as a central hub to save all important graphics and files of all types plus a communication system and important data record system so you can oversee and manage your website powerfully.
Online Project Management System Unlimited 1 on 1 Telephone Support Unlimited 1 on 1 Live Remote Web Meetings Your own private Web Page Management Page
Proper keyword planning and on page factors:  During the design phase we will determine your best target keywords based on what words people actually search on.  These keywords will be implemented using the best strategies that the search engines look for, including silo navigation, Heading texts, photo tags and proper Title and Description tags and more.
Mobile / Responsive Websites While true ‘responsive’ design is available, I offer and recommend creating a custom presentation for any device.  In true ‘responsive’ design the website needs to uniformly stretch and grow depending on the device viewing it.  While this is effective it puts some limits on your design ability.  My pages are custom for any device and will load the proper format based on the device requesting the website.
Conversion Factors: Designing a great page and having a proper SEO Foundation is important, but what happens when someone actually land on your website?  How will you generate leads and turn those leads in paying customers. You will choose and we will implement your preferred conversion factors, such as: Email marketing Text marketing Social Media Options o Facebook o Linked In o Any others of your choosing You Tube
Custom Add Ons  Interactive Forms - 2 included Slide Shows - 2 included Video Presentations by request Shopping Cart Additions Custom Database Add On Logo Design Services Make a request
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