My service starts with a free analysis of your current status online and a no obligation live one on one remote web meeting for you or your group  to investigate what your needs are and what solutions are available to you. Based on that conversation I can give you many ideas on how you can do it yourself or you can hire me to help you. If you want to find out more, listen to my video on this page to get an overview of who I am and how I work.  If you like what you hear then click a date to schedule a free remote consultation, send me a message if you have a question, or just give me a call!. (716) 790-8051
Here’s what you get Custom Website Design, Maintenance and Expansion Proper Foundational SEO Setup and improvement o All Google Services (Site Verification - Analytics etc.) o Google Local Area Listing(s) o Bing Local Area Listing Analysis of competition - what are they doing and how can you do better Monthly SEO Reports - How do you rank online Building legitimate backlinks Citations tracking and managment Ad creation and managment / reports Monthly SEO Reports - How do you rank online Live Online Review Meeting and strategizing with your entire team Social Media Management o Facebook setup, targets, posting and list building o You Tube Channel setup and monitoring o Getting reviews and backlinks You will target specific keywords and I will work with you to improve your online ranking and develop the best systems for client conversions into sales. If you use this service, I become your remote webmaster and take on the management of your website and online marketing plan for you.  I become your company’s remote webmaster and go to person. There is a unique formula for your business. It stars with intensive keyword research, anlaysis of your competition and a consistent attention to how you are ranking for your target keywords.  It determines the best methods for your company to convert leads into sales and start to collect online reviews. Once this is established and you remain consistent with it, you will see steady improvement in your rankings and getting new leads and customers.
Remote Webmaster Service:  This comprehensive service is currently open but is available to a limited number of clients.
Why I developed this service:  I have always believed, and still do, that each company should own as much of their website and online marketing plan as possible.  The Internet doesn’t seem to be going away and it just keeps growing more and more. People who have a firm grasp on how this works and can stay awake and roll with the punches as things change hold the best possibility of continuing success. However, I found that some people just don’t want to (or won’t) do it.  They want someone else to do it for them.  So, I developed the remote webmaster service to step in and continue to support those clients on an ongoing basis. I can set you up with a website and outline an online marketing plan but if you don’t keep consistent action your website can quickly lose it’s vitality. So, while I continue to offer custom website and online marketing services I am looking for a small group of clients I can service on a continuing basis. As of this writing I am offering this service for a monthly retainer of $595.  See this link for the pricing outline I used to determine this price. This price does not include initial website design and practical SEO setup. However, if you commit to a six month agreement, I will include website design and practical SEO setup.
Who qualifies for this service?  I only work with people who are friendly and eager to win online. We will work as a team and I will provide a full education. We need to fully vet each other before reaching an agreement. You need to understand who I am, what my focus and skills are to be sure that we have a good match.  If you want a highly technical web designer I’m not your guy.  If you want someone who can take duct tape and make stuff work in a professional presentation and at the lowest possible cost, then I might be the guy you are looking for.
How to setup an initial interview  I only work with people who are friendly and eager to win online. We will work as a team and I will provide a full education for you and learn a lot from you in the process. To see if we have a match, complete and submit this form and we’’ll setup an online meeting and interview to see if we have a good match! Darry
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