My service starts with a free analysis of your current status online and a no obligation live one on one remote web meeting for you or your group  to investigate what your needs are and what solutions are available to you. Based on that conversation I can give you many ideas on how you can do it yourself or you can hire me to help you. If you want to find out more, listen to my video on this page to get an overview of who I am and how I work.  If you like what you hear then click a date to schedule a free remote consultation, send me a message if you have a question, or just give me a call!. (716) 790-8051
Practical & Fundamental Search Engine Optimization: Give the Search Engines what they want and they will give you what you want. On Page Keyword Implementation and proper setup on all Major Search Engines. Build credibility with Citations (Online Directory Listings & Customer Reviews
Online Marketing Plan:  A Marketing Machine® Website is not something you make once and then forget about. For it to be effective, you need to consistently track and improve your performance: Are you getting new business from your website? Evaluate monthly traffic to your website. Determine specific keyword performances . Evaluate what happens when traffic lands on your website. Consistently respond to Visitors emails and social media interactions. Consistently build Citations and Other Backlinks to your website. Update ‘on page’ keywords as needed Determine Social Media Effectiveness Review Search Engine Webmaster Tools, Analytics and Site Health Periodic (at least monthly) Online Marketing Evaluation and Next Steps Meetings o Accountability: Who does what and when? o Reporting: When, what and next step planning. o Content Marketing Plans and implementation New videos Articles Blog Posts Social Media Posts o Other paid marketing considerations, Pay per Click on Search Engines or Social Media. o Press releases o And more….
Social Media and Other Tools How to use Facebook How to use You Tube Adding other appropriate social media sites Press Releases Paid Advertising Blogs Email Marketing
Once your site is completed and published you have two options:
1. Maintain the website and marketing yourself: We  will have a Webinar and I will help you create a marketing plan.  I will show you what needs to be done and you can create and implement that plan in- house. This Marketing Plan Live Webinar is included in most packages.
  Remote webmaster.  You want a change?  Make an easy request from your project management portal. Minor changes are included while Major additions and changes are quoted a-la-carte.  
  Marketing Services Get a monthly SEO Ranking and Citations Report along with an in depth current site analysis with a list of recommendations that you can do or hire me a la carte. 
  2. Hire me to help with ongoing maintenance and marketing.
Give the Search Engines what they want and the Search Engine will rank your website.
Get exact data to know what is missing and what you can do to improve. Create a Powerful Online Marketing Plan to know how to mix and match many Online Tools and Generate Online Word of Mouth Marketing® at a very affordable rate.
Practical and Fundamental SEO
Monthly Reports & Recommendations
Live Coaching 30 min Webinar
$37 Monthly
$47 Monthly
Having a website is not enough:  Once you have a website it now time to start using it as a Communication Tool. It now serves as a central hub for your business and it is your job to Drive Traffic to your website. Of course, you want to rank in Search Engines and pay attention to how effective you are but you also want to pay attention to a variety of other factors that create Online Word of Mouth Marketing as well as generating more ‘juice’ that the Search Engines can use to rank you higher. Once a month you need to evaluate your website status in the Search Engines and make the appropriate adjustments to improve your SEO Rankings. You need to interact with Online Visitors and manage your email powerfully. You need to add Current Content and incorporate Social Media Finally, you need to review and choose any paid advertising appropriate for your company.
Setup a Custom Online Marketing Plan:  Know how you are ranking and how to target weak areas on your website. Know how well your website is converting visitors into real leads and customers. Analyze, Evaluate and Plan next actions.
SEO | CITATIONS | SITE REPORTS:  Your SEO Plan starts by knowing your current status and how well you rank on all the major search engines. How are you listed in the hundreds of Online Directories And, what is your overall Site Health? Sign up below for a free report for your company.  Get a detailed listing of how you are ranking on up to 100 keywords, analyze four competitors and see how you are listed in Online directories. Get your first report free and if you’re not 100% satisfied cancel at any time.
Customers and leads need to find your business both by your company name and by the products and services you sell.
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