My service starts with a free analysis of your current status online and a no obligation live one on one remote web meeting for you or your group  to investigate what your needs are and what solutions are available to you. Based on that conversation I can give you many ideas on how you can do it yourself or you can hire me to help you. If you want to find out more, listen to my video on this page to get an overview of who I am and how I work.  If you like what you hear then click a date to schedule a free remote consultation, send me a message if you have a question, or just give me a call!. (716) 790-8051
How to Build a Website
Your website is a powerful marketing tool and your information changes from season to season and adjusts to the current trends.
You may not know there are web design programs that give you total design control without the ‘plug and play’ limitations and without needing to know technical coding languages.  If you can work a Publisher Document you can do it.
I can create a custom CMS (Content Management System) that is super easy to learn or you can manage the whole site. Let me setup the initial website and tutor you to take it over through phone conversations and live Online 1 on 1 or group sessions.
Learn Website Design In House  Anyone who can read and has a basic understanding of the Internet, and Word Processing Skills can learn web design.

Custom Design

Responsive Web Design (Mobile / iPad)

Marketing Systems

Add On Services

Website coding for small business has evolved from line by line programming to easy to use programs that make it easy to produce custom crafted websites.
Before Windows and Apple Operating Systems, computers used DOS (Short for Disk Operating System).  The DOS gave you a prompt, and then you had to type in a written code to start a program. You had to know the correct format for typed commands.
Windows and Apple Operating Systems have made it much easier to initiate those commands.  Instead of line by line typed commands you can simply click on an icon or menu item to accomplish your objective.
It's the same with Website Design Systems.
Original coding was done using line by line commands.  Later, Dreamweaver created a program that would let you see the actual results of your line by line programming.  That was a big step forward and helped you code more easily, but you still need to do the line by line programming..
See this video for a sample of how hard it used to be (Great if you can’t sleep!)
If you don't need line by line programming, which most small-business owners don't need, then you have several other options. You can use one of the many Plug and Play Website Design Services.  These low-cost solutions give you templates with blanks to fill in with your custom information.  For many companies, this may be sufficient.  Wordpress is another Plug and Play type of Design Service, which is quite popular and gives you more capability and options.  With all the many plugins available this is a great choice for many small businesses. 
The Option that I promote gives you the simplicity of the basic Plug and Play sites and enables you to plug in as many widgets as you want while giving you TOTAL freedom over all the design elements  and the ability to plug in as many widgets as you want.  It's easy to insert photo galleries and videos and any type of web forms.  You can create truly Responsive Websites or can create custom formats for different desktop and mobile devices to give you total control over your look and presentation. You can also import all the content from an existing website which saves you a lot of time as you customize it to work with the new program.
This program also includes photo-editing tools and a wide variety of design elements that you can customize and mix and match.
YOU DON'T NEED A COLLEGE DEGREE TO LEARN TO USE THIS PROGRAM. In fact, there many tutorials give you all the information that you need.
There is, however, a learning curve that can be challenging..
I offer one on one tutoring or Online classes to teach you how to use the software.  You get to see it in action and to ask specific questions when you meet an obstacle or other challenge. 
This tutoring is especially useful for my website design clients because I give you the template that you can then totally control while having access to me for any questions or other concerns.
This tutoring also includes an education about basic on page SEO factors that are essential to search engine rankings.
And, I offer an advanced class if you want to learn how to start and manage your own website design service.
The best way to see if this is a good fit for you is to schedule a private one on one Webinar.  During this Webinar, you will see the software in action and get to ask any questions that you have.
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